June 3, 1999 Meeting Agenda

Building 31C, Conference Room 10
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland

8:30 a.m. Welcome and Opening Remarks Dr. Harold Varmus
9:30 a.m. Report from the Working Group on Biomedical Computing Dr. Larry Smarr
Dr. David Botstein
  Coffee Break
11:00 a.m. Research Tools: Guidelines and Update Dr. Maria Freire
11:15 a.m. Report on Meeting of Council of Public Representatives Ms. Anne Thomas
11:30 a.m. NIH Graduate Program Dr. Michael Gottesman
1:30 p.m. Report from the Office of Protection from Research Risks Working Group Ms. Nancy Dubler
Ms. Renée Landers
2:30 p.m. Report from the Office of Medical Applications of Research Working Group Dr. Ezra Davidson
Dr. Alan Leshner
3:15 p.m. Report from the Stem Cell Working Group Dr. Shirley Tilghman
Dr. Ezra Davidson
3:30 p.m. General Discussion, Adjournment

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