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Advisory Committee to the Director

Biomedical Workforce Task Force

Working Group Reports


Develop a model for a sustainable and diverse U.S. biomedical research workforce that can inform decisions about training of the optimal number of people for the appropriate types of positions that will advance science and promote health. Developing the model will include an analysis of the current composition and size of the workforce to understand the consequences of current funding policies on the research framework. The model should include an assessment of present and future needs in the academic research arena, but also current and future needs in industry, science policy, education, communication, and other pathways. The model will also require an assessment of current and future availability of trainees from the domestic and international communities.

Based on this analysis and input from the extramural community, using appropriate expertise from NIH and external sources, and recognizing that there are limits to NIH's ability to control many aspects of the training pipeline, the committee will make recommendations for actions that NIH should take to support a future sustainable biomedical infrastructure.

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